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Tool posts are an integral part on a lathe which holds the cutting tool securely during machining operations. The actual post is bolted onto the compound rest in most cases with a typical hex or Allen head bolt or some type of quick release locking mechanism. Tool post can be expensive but as they say you get what you pay for.

All things considered there are a number of tool posts on the market to choose from to meet any budget. You can go with a classic quick change tool post by Aloris, a standard in many machine shops or something made in China or Taiwan such as Shars tool posts. Tool posts are typically used to facilitate a single cutting tool or offer multiple locking features for several different tools. Options are available as static or rotary tool posts to meet the needs of multiple tool bits which can be quickly released and switched to a different tool tip during machining.

At any rate we offer daily sales on used quick change tool posts and other related metalworking equipment helping you meet your needs while saving you money.